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Budget Buster: “Don’t Say Yes to the Dress” Just Yet


Getting engaged is one of the most exciting days in a woman’s life. After the ring, the dress is usually the next item on the to-do list…so, you think you need to go the next day and start trying on gowns. As exciting and important as this is, step back, take a breath and make a plan, before you find that dress you cannot live without and it blows your budget.

When you are planning your wedding, start by choosing where you want to have the wedding and reception. Professional planners consider 5226 to be amongst the  most beautiful wedding venues in Houston. If you have toured other Houston wedding venues, you will be especially pleased with our modern architecture and reasonable prices. So, after you choose a great venue in which to wear the dress, then move on to the task of finding a great dress.

There are so many great dress and wedding reality shows on television, that it is easy to develop unrealistic ideas about your dress budget, like buying a five thousand dollar dress, when your total budget is ten-twelve thousand for the wedding and reception combined. That is not a good balance.

Unfortunately, food and alcohol are not cheap, especially when you would like to wine and dine a hundred of your closest friends. There are many costs associated with weddings and receptions that you should take into consideration before you make a decision regarding your dress budget. 5226 provides a Budget Checklist complete with sample pricing for items you will need to consider when planning your wedding and reception.

When working your budget, ask yourself, “What can I actually afford?” I have heard so many brides say “no one cares about the food, no one is going to eat anyway…” this is not the case. Most guests are ready to eat when they get to the ceremony, so this is not an area where you can save much money. The bar is another large expense associated with receptions that is not always considered when planning and setting the budget. Cash bar is not an option in my opinion. I would rather have a brunch or lunch without alcohol or only offer wine and beer as a less expensive option*.

When you settled on what your dress budget is, set appointments with the salons you would like to visit, go prepared with pictures of gowns that you like and be honest with the consultant about what you would like to spend. She in turn can show you dresses in the styles you are interested in and the price range you can afford. There are thousands of dresses in every price range to fall in love with… When you go shopping for your dress and you know exactly what your budget is, you will find something you love without wasting a lot of time.

*To be discussed further in upcoming articles.

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